I’ve been tagged…twice

Ombudsben and Donna both tagged me for this most recent form of a fairly popular meme…7 random things about me.  Maya would like that, as one of her favorite words is ‘random’.  So, here goes.

1.  Amuirin reminded me of this with her 7 random things meme.  When I was a very young child, I cut off the tip of my finger.   My mom was cutting carrots for dinner, and had to go to the bathroom.  She put the knife (she thought) out of my reach, and away she went.  I somehow reached the knife, tried to cut the carrot, and sliced through my fingertip.  OUCH!  I screamed pretty loudly, I guess.  My mom called the hospital and while she was driving me in (with the tip still attached to my finger by a little strip of skin..gross!), they flew a surgeon over from San Francisco to Berkeley via helicopter.  The good doctor did such a tidy job that I’m not even sure which finger it is.

2.  When Ted and I had been dating for several months, we went on a vacation to San Diego during Spring Break.  It was a lot of fun, except that during that vacation, I cut my arm while dancing in a bar in Rosarito Beach (don’t know how, just looked down and my arm was bleeding), resulting in a tetanus shot for me.  Handy though, since I remember that that was 1988, and boosters are every ten years, meaning that years that end in an 8, I get a painful shot.  That comes this Wednesday.  Ouch.  Also during that trip, Ted got food poisoning (I think during that same trip to Rosarito Beach), and spent a day or two with fever in bed.  I helped him through it by reading him “Elvis and Me” and bringing him ice cream, which he was too sick to eat.  The next day we went down to Tijuana, to a restaurant that claimed to be the ‘original El Toritos’.  There, they had tequila poppers where you took a shot, and the waiter stood behind your head and shook your head around while blowing a whistle in your ear.  It made us kind of queasy to watch (there’s no way we would order such a thing!). Or maybe that was the food.

3.  I have horrid eyesight.  My contact lens prescription is -4.50.  I think about getting lasik surgery to correct my vision, but then I would need reading glasses, so what’s the point?

4.  I recently discovered some really yummy popsicles.  Safeway brand, Mandarin Orange flavor. Totally yummy.  Years ago I was addicted to Haagan Dazs orange sorbet with vanilla ice cream.  SO yummy.  Like a creamsicle, but 10 times as good.  They stopped making them, which is a good thing since if they still made them, I’d weigh 800 lbs.  They were that good.

5.  I used to be a Pepsi person.  I was seriously opinionated on this matter (I know! Me having an opinion?  Perish the thought!), to the point that I wouldn’t eat at McDonald’s because Burger King had Pepsi (back when Burger King had Pepsi, that is) and McDonald’s had Coke.  This bit me in the butt in 1989 when Ted and I went camping in Utah.  We were driving between Vegas and Arches national park, and we were hungry.  Ted suggested we stop at McDonald’s, but I said I would prefer to wait for a Burger King.  Ted told me that there probably wasn’t a BK anywhere around, it was pretty remote here.  I chose to hold out hope, and so we ended up eating one of the worst meals I’ve ever had.  Any time you order Mexican food, and the salsa comes in a red catchup dispenser, you know you’re in trouble.  Never again.

6.  Something happened when I was pregnant.  I started craving Coke instead of Pepsi.  Weird, huh?   I never went back.  Then I switched over to Diet Coke from regular, due to calories, sugar, etc.  Sigh.  I had a regular Pepsi awhile ago, at a restaurant or something, and I’d like to say it was too sweet and I didn’t like it.  But it was pretty tasty.  Still, I’d rather have a Coke.

7.  Yesterday was my 3 year anniversary of blogging.  Never thought I would want a blog, at first.  Just got into it because my friends were doing it.  Then I realized that I might really enjoy it, and the rest is history, as they say.  I don’t know how much longer I’ll have anything to say.  I realized the other day that blogging has lost any degree of cool it might possibly have.  You know how?  I was looking at the Safeway website to see if they had turkeys on sale, and I saw that they have a blog of their own.  Safeway has a blog.  Say no more.  If you think having a blog makes you even a tiny bit cool?  You’re wrong.  You may be cool, but it’s not the blog.

Now for the part where I tag a few people.  I thought I might tag Cherry, since she’s a NaBloPoMo participant, and it might help her to have something to write about.  I’d also kinda like to hear what MsMamma might have to say.  I’d tag Nance, but I don’t think she does memes.

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11 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged…twice

  1. Popsicles totally help me reduce the number of carbs I consume at night. Also? We had a friend born in Thailand (where summers are hotter than hell) and his mother craved Pepsi while pregnant with him. She gave him a regular name, but his lifelong nickname? Pepsi.

  2. Hate the Tetanus! I need to get one too and have been avoiding it but really, I’m way due. I’ll bring it up at my dr appt tomorrow. Hope the pain subsides quickly!

    At work, the VP’s started blogs. They didn’t stick to them but they were supposed to be some way for them to connect on a more regular basis. And now our CEO has a video blog. I watched them when we were fist acquired, but haven’t really thought of them since.

    Oh, and the point of the Lasik… so you can see the clock without having to get up really close to it and squint or swim and can tell who else has gotten into the pool or come in the gate! 🙂 Although you read a whole lot more then I do, but one bene is that you’ll likely need reading glasses as some point anyway, and this way you wouldn’t need bifocals. Think about it… I do!

    Thanks for the tag. Donna tagged me too, and now I guess I have to do it with the double tag!

  3. Apathy Lounge, that’s too funny. When my mom was pregnant with my brother, she had REALLY bad morning sickness, and one of the only things she could keep down was Pepsi. Funny that he didn’t end up with that nickname as well. 😉

    Cherry, regarding the Lasik, my dr told me that if I got it, I’d need to wear glasses for computer use as well, so really, there’s no point. I mean, I work in front of a computer all day. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for surgery that means I have to wear glasses. Also, my vision is so bad, they say there’s a chance I won’t ever need reading glasses. I know, what?

  4. I hope your finger is o.k. I shaved a big chunk off the end of mine off opening a bottle of olive oil in college.
    I had radial keratotamy (before Lasik) to correct my horrid vision. Worked for about ten years. Now I’m back in glasses…

  5. At my school we had a student named Pepsi because that was the only thing her mom could keep down during her first three months. She was a special ed. kid and her mom was 12 when she got pregnant. It was a very sad case, all in all.

    On a lighter note, I had a pet mouse named Pepsi! It had red eyes.

    And good for you, J., that in spite of your bad luck with Ted on dates, you married him anyway. LOL LOL LOL.

  6. Happy anniversary!

    I don’t think Safeway’s blog counts as a blog, but I might just be making a last-ditch effort to preserve my coolness.


    Your number 1… wow. You cut your *own* finger off. Somehow, that seems like it would take more resolve. I’ve known a surprising number of people who lost a portion of a digit. I wonder if it’s that prevalent, or, if digit-choppers are just naturally drawn to each-other through subconscious mental avenues only open to people who are minor amputees.

  7. Wow, you went through all that, including a helicoptered doctor, and you didn’t even get a scar out of it? I’d be disappointed. But then, boys like scars. I think the intuitive concept is that scars show you have life experiences, or some such.

    Dreamsicles were even better than creamsicles. Dreamsicles (orange popsicle around ice cream) is what we had as kids — later on they came up with creamsicles, which were half-nostalgic and ok, but not The Real Thing.

    Which would be Coke.

    Which I understand might be an indication of pregnancy, in some opinionated circles. Frankly, I would not want to be pregnant, even if it meant I got a cool scar out of it.

    Happy anniversary, J — and keep on blogging! It’s worth it, if nothing else than as a sort of online diary to see where you were at and who connecting with.

    p.s. I sliced my hand open sneaking into the county fairgrounds when I was about 13 years old. I still have a cool scar to remind me of the story. If we weren’t online, we could share a couple cokes or pepsis or cuba libras and I’d show you the scar and tell you the story.

  8. When Safeway has a blog, you know the end of the world is approaching.

    There’s days (weeks?) I just want to walk away from my blog, but I keep coming back. I’ve come to realize that it’s as much about the unique communities each blogger builds as it is about the blogging itself.

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