Head Cold Randomness

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Stupid head cold.  Came in and decided to stay a little while.  With it here, I’m having trouble thinking of things to write about.  So too bad for you, this is all you get.

I finished another book, but haven’t taken the time to write about it yet.  Maybe next week.

I didn’t watch “No Country For Old Men” yesterday, because we couldn’t find it on our OnDemand.  Guess we missed that boat.

I’m behind at work, because of being sick, so now I have to get caught up.

I only have one book left to read of my 2008 challenges, “The Pillars of the Earth”.  I’ve heard great things about it from my bloggy friends, but I’ll confess to being a bit intimidated by its huge size.  I keep thinking I should read something else, and put it off for January, and see if someone is having a “Chunkster Challenge”, which is a challenge to read 3 or more books of 450 or more pages.

I received sad news yesterday about a family member who passed away last night.  I don’t feel right writing about it here, but I’ll just say, again, that I could make a long list of people that I would choose to go first.  Unfair. (Since when is life fair, I know, blah blah blah)

Genevieve had a bath yesterday.  She smells a lot better.  Whew.

My company gave us a coupon for a free turkey.  I’m thinking I might make a recipe my old roomie Troy made when we lived in San Francisco, involving champagne.  Yummy.

I’ve been watching too much 90210 lately.  The story arc right now is when Kelly and that girl were burned in the fire, and then the girl becomes obsessed with her.  Remember that?  Funny.

Maya’s itching for Friday to come.  She’s SO looking forward to Twilight.  Can’t. Wait.

OK, that’s it for now.   Sorry I couldn’t do better.  Stupid cold.


  1. Doctor’s appointment today, though not for the cold.  Just a check up.
  2. Get caught up at work.  I’m not THAT far behind.  One of the plus/minus of working from home is that I could do the things that HAD to be done, and then take the rest of the day off, Monday and Tuesday.

9 thoughts on “Head Cold Randomness

  1. This cold hangs on for a long time. I’m almost over it, but it seems like the congestion lingers…

    And the news last night was very sad. But, like you said, this isn’t the place to write about it.

  2. We’ve had good luck with echinacea and Airborne, but both work best right at the beginning. You’re probably too far along, yeah? I think it’s time for chicken soup. Some nice, warm, soothing chicken soup. Noodles? Or not?

  3. OmbudsBen, I heard a doctor on the radio talking about Airborne. He said it didn’t work, and yet, just in case, he still takes it. Funny, huh?

    At almost a week in now, I agree that I’m at the chicken soup stage. Had some yesterday as a matter of fact. WITH noodles. 😉

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