Friday Randomness

(This is a lovely hookworm…want this in your intestines?  The answer…perhaps.  Find out more, below.)

I’m behind on this whole blogging thing. I’m behind on my book review, having finished ‘The Night Listener‘ and ‘This World We Live In‘, but I haven’t reviewed them. I’m halfway through ‘Three Cups of Tea‘, but I left it at cheer-leading tryouts last week, and it’s lost, so I went to get another copy from the library. Now I’m finishing up ‘The Bride’s Farewell‘, and then I’ll get back to ‘Three Cups of Tea‘. So I guess you’re going to see a lot of book reviews around here in the near future.

I have a recipe mash-up that I want to post here. A recipe or two, mashed together, and how that turned out. Can’t wait, can you? I know.

Genevieve has been having tummy issues as of late. We bought her a different brand of dog food on New Years Day, since the specialty dog food store was closed. She hasn’t been the same since, even since we switched her back to her regular brand. So the vet tested her stool to see if there was some kind of parasite or something. Nope. So the vet put her on a medication to help, some mild antibiotic, which seems to help, but when we take her off, her problem returns. So then they put her on an antibiotic/pro-biotic combination, and she flipped out. She was acting like a puppy again, running around all frisky, galloping about like no blind dog should do, playful and puppyish. Nice, right Sure, it was great during the day. But at night, when she couldn’t sleep, when all she could do is pace the house, and keep us all awake with her pacing and crying, it wasn’t great. Then there was the day we woke up to clean poop in Maya’s room, then ended the day cleaning poop in the living room, that she then stepped in and spread around the house. Fun. So now she’s off of the meds, and seems to be feeling much better. Hoping the problems have ceased.

This American Life had a freaky as hell story the other day, about a guy who found a strange and effective cure for his allergies and asthma. He read that people in some parts of the world do not suffer from allergies the way we do, and that it was because of hookworms in their intestines. So he called around to try to find a place that would sell him some hookworms. He couldn’t find any, so he flew to Africa and spent a couple of weeks walking barefoot through village latrines, hoping to be infected by the buggers. It worked. He became infected, and his allergies went away. So he decided to make some money selling hookworms to help others with their health issues. So he farmed the hookworms from his own fecal matter, cleaned it up and shipped it out, until the FDA shut him down. UGH. Freaky as hell, right? Excuse me for a minute, I need a Claritin.

Maya’s on Spring Break this week. I decided to take Wednesday off and spend the day with her, so we went into San Francisco, to the Academy of Sciences. We were hoping to see the new temporary exhibit, Extreme Mammals, but it turns out you need tickets for that, and they were all out by the time we got there, four hours before museum closing. Sigh. We did get to see the planetarium show, and our favorite part, the aquarium. My favorites are the Sea Dragons. They’re gorgeous and strange and alien, relatives of the Sea Horse. I also love the sea turtles. It was a lovely day. We then went to dinner at an old SF favorite, the Clement Street Bar and Grill, which is housed in an historic building, over 100 years old, which is old for California. The restaurant has been in its current form for the last 28 years, and we’ve been going there for about 23 of those years. It’s kind of old faithful, with food that is always delicious, at reasonable prices. Today, Ted took the day off, and he and Maya have gone to have a hike and a picnic on Angel Island, otherwise known as the ‘Ellis Island of the West’. I love vacations, even when they’re just a day or two.

Friday Dog Blogging


(photo found here)

Did anyone else see this story yesterday, about the poor dog that floated 75 miles down Poland’s Vistula River and into the Baltic Sea, and was lucky enough to be rescued by some Polish scientists doing research?  The story is here.  There’s video as well.  The story is that firemen in a town about 60 miles inland saw the dog floating down the river, and they tried to rescue him, but were unable to get close due to the shifting ice.  Eventually he drifted out to sea, where the research boat came upon him.  The rescue was somewhat harrowing, because the dog slid off of the ice several times and under the freezing water, but always managed to get back up on top.  They finally got him aboard the ship, dried him off and fed him, and he seems quite healthy and happy.  He’s been nicknamed Baltic.  They had him checked by a vet, who said he is surprisingly healthy, and clearly was well cared for before he went missing.

They’re looking for his owners.  Several people have come forward to claim him, but so far, he hasn’t acted like he knows any of them, so they’re waiting.  The crew of the research vessel said that if no owner is found, they will happily adopt him.

Baltic, safe and sound

(Baltic, safe and sound and smiling.  Pic found here.)

Genevieve says she’s proud of that doggy for staying so brave, and glad to hear he’s safe and warm.  She’d like to smell his butt, if she could.  She’s polite that way.

Genevieve’s Corner

Genevieve's Corner

Hi everyone, it’s Genevieve!  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been around here, huh?  I’ve missed your smell.  (I can’t really smell you, you’re too far away, but that’s something that polite dogs say to each other.  And my mommy taught me to be polite.)

So guess what?  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the lights went out!  It’s dark!  It’s always dark!  So I keep bumping into things, which is sometimes OK, and sometimes hurts.  Like yesterday, I was really excited because it was time for my shash (J’s note…that’s Gen’s word for food), and I turned fast and bashed my face on the coffee table!  Ouch!  I cried a bit, but as soon as Medium Boss gave me my shash, all pain was forgotten, and I ate it as fast I could.  You never know when someone else might try to steal your food!  Really people, watch out for your food!  Now I’ve always been a fast eater, but since the lights went out, I eat even faster.  I have found that if I don’t chew my food, I can get it all down in my tummy really fast, and there’s no danger of some other dog (or person…you never know) coming and eating my food.  I would hate that!

My bosses are brave, because even though it’s dark outside, and you can’t see a thing, they still take me for walks.  The walks are much shorter than they used to be, because it’s scary out there in the dark!   My bosses try to warn me of a step up or down on a sidewalk, or a tree that I might bump into, that sort of thing.  They’re very sweet that way.  But my question is, how can they see those things, with the lights out?  Hey boss, be careful, it’s DARK!!!  Mostly I’m used to living in the dark now, though I do miss running around when I get excited.  I used to like to run back and forth and dig and spin in circles to get my ya-yas out, but every time I get a little excited now, I bash into something and it hurts!  So I’m learning to be careful.  Crapicola.  Careful isn’t much fun.

Oh, so last week, my friend Katie Beat came to visit for a whole week!  I like Katie!  She’s a good girl, just like me.  She is VERY brave (or very stupid), because she runs around, even though it’s DARK!  I admire her for that, but gosh, one day she’s going to bash into something pretty hard.  Katie Beat is a little older than me.  I’m 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.  I think she’s 12.  She has achy bones, she says, and so she doesn’t like climbing up and down the stairs.  That’s fine with me, because that means at night I get to sleep in my bosses room, and she sleeps downstairs.  I like Katie!  But I don’t need to sleep with her right there, you know?  I’ll admit I get a little jealous when she gets attention.   So she slept downstairs, and she never tried to eat my food, and she even shared her cookies with me.  Thanks Katie!  Then her bosses came home from wherever they had been, and she went home.  Bye Katie Beat!  Come again soon.

So that’s what’s new with me.  If you were here, and barefoot, I’d lick your toes for you.  I promise!  I’m polite, remember?

Friday Randomness

First off, go see Ponyo.  Right now.  I’ll wait here.  Seriously, we went to see it on Wednesday evening, and we LOVED it.  So much that Maya and her friend went to see it on Thursday. And the friend said she now wants to see it again, with her mom. Such a sweet, lovely film.  It’s made for perhaps a slightly younger audience than Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, but it’s so charming and delightful, I can’t think of a single age group that won’t enjoy it. That’s two awesome films in one week, and I have to say that I cannot imagine two more different films than Ponyo and District 9, though they were both great. One is a gentle rated G, the other a very violent rated R.  I love Miyazaki’s movies so much…they don’t have any of that stupid Disney smart-alecky humor that gets on my nerves. The trailer for The Princess and the Frog, for instance, looks annoying as hell to me. Like comparing A Little Princess (book – I have issues with the film versions) with the Magic Tree House books. (Not dissing the Magic Tree House books…they have their time and place, Maya LOVED them when she was that age, they teach a bit of history, the concept is cute…but they’re simply not classics of literature, you know?) Ponyo will be, I think, a classic in the animated film genre. Favorite quotes from the movie (poorly paraphrased): “When you bring a fish with a human face out from the sea, it will bring a tsunami”, and “It’s HAM!!!!” 🙂 Ponyo’s delight and enthusiasm at life is a joy to watch.

Yesterday when I was delivering lunch for Meals on Wheels, the neighbor of one of the recipients was sitting outside, enjoying the unseasonably cool weather, and said to me, “God bless you for your work”.  Even an atheist like me likes hearing that once in awhile.  I got my comeuppance at the next house on my route, though, when a little 5 or 6 year old scolded me soundly because I rang the bell and then knocked on the door.  I hadn’t heard whether the bell rang or not, so I knocked.  “Give me a chance to get to the door!” she said.

My blog friend Black Belt Mama has entered a contest through Victoria’s Secret.  The question posed is, “Why do you love your body?”  BBM loves that her body works hard for her, even after two childbirths and knee surgery.  If you’re so inclined, go vote here.

We had a pool party last weekend for Maya’s girl scout troop.  I wish I had taken pictures, because man, they had a BLAST in that pool.  8 12 and 13-year-olds, and some younger siblings, laughing and playing and having a great time. We served chili dogs (which I made using chili that I got at the grocery store…I decided the work of making my own chili was too much, since I had other things I had to do that same day), and other families brought side dishes and snacks, and I had a bit too much wine, because I felt gross later. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the hot dogs.

This was the last full week of summer vacation for Maya.  School starts on Wednesday, so we’ve been doing some shopping for clothes and school supplies and so on.  She’s looking forward to seeing her friends again, but not thrilled about giving up those lazy summer days she’s been enjoying this summer.  I’m looking forward to her being out and about more, but at the same time, I’m not looking forward to getting her to school in the mornings and homework in the evenings and all of that.  Summer rocks.

I saw an article in the New York Times (via Yahoo) the other day about getting rid of the blind spot on your car.  Here’s an excerpt:

Long ago I found the idea in a 1995 paper done for S.A.E. International by George Platzer, an engineer from Rochester Hills, Mich. In that paper, “The Geometry of Automotive Rearview Mirrors — Why Blind Zones Exist and Strategies to Overcome Them,” he described the problem and a far cheaper method to eliminate the blind spot.

Here’s the short and less technical version of what it says: The driver leans his head against the driver’s window and sets the mirror so that the side of the vehicle is just visible. Then, the driver leans to the middle of the vehicle (between the front seats) and does the same thing with the passenger-side mirror.

It is necessary to check that the mirrors are properly set, of course. Here’s how that is done: Watch a vehicle approach in the rear-view mirror. It should appear in the side-view mirror before it leaves the rear-view mirror. And then it should appear in the driver’s peripheral vision before it leaves the side-view mirror. When I Platzer-ized the Fusion Hybrid, I could see the nose of a vehicle appear just as the BLIS warning light illuminated.

So, what is the point of a system like BLIS? In an interview, Steve Kozak, Ford’s chief safety engineer, acknowledged that side mirrors can be set to eliminate the blind zone. But most drivers don’t adjust their mirrors that way so BLIS is a valuable safety aid, he said.

I gave it a try, and it does seem to help, but not being able to see the side of my car at all while I’m driving really seems weird to me. I think it might just take some getting used to. But I hate blindspots, and sometimes looking over my shoulder doesn’t seem to be enough. Now I’m hearing my drivers ed teacher in the back of my mind saying, “Blinker, mirrah, blindspot”. She used to make us drive her to junk food places, buy herself donuts, and not any for the teens in the car. Crazy woman.

My horseback riding lessons have been going well. There are weeks when I don’t feel like I’m making any progress at all. Then there are weeks that go very well. Last weekend, something sort of clicked, and I finally felt like I was feeling the rhythm of the horse’s trot, which I’ve been working on for awhile, but without success. I’m so glad I’ve taken this up. I don’t know that I would even want to own my own horse…gosh, they’re a LOT of work, and a LOT of money if you don’t have a place to keep them at home, and even then there’s the food and the vet bills and the tack and so on. Just going to lessons once a week costs enough. But yeah, it’s great, and I think I’ll stick with it for awhile at least.

We took Genevieve to the vet last week for tests for Cushing’s Disease. The results came back yesterday, as inconclusive. Dang it. So now we’re measuring her water intake. The treatment for Cushing’s can be difficult on the dog, and certainly expensive for us, and the vet doesn’t want to put her on medication if we don’t need to. I wish we could just have some answers with all of this. Poor baby. At this point, she just seems like she’s bonking into things around the house. I get the idea that being blind kinda sucks.

Hope you’re all well. What’s new with you?


(Genevieve looking somewhat crazed but happy, about 2 years ago)

The health issues with our sweet dog Genevieve have been continuing.  She is now almost completely blind.  It seems to have come on very quickly, and we’re not sure of the cause.  I’ve read that when dogs go blind, we don’t notice it until it’s in its final stages, which may be what’s going on here.  It may also be the result of a tumor, or of something called Cushing’s disease.  It does seem the most likely cause, and she has quite a few of the symptoms, but the first thing to do is to take her to an ophthalmologist to show whether there is in fact anything wrong with her eyes.   If it’s not the eyes, then they’ll start the tests for Cushing’s.

There are different types of Cushing’s, with very different treatments and outcomes.  It could be as easy as medication to balance out her pituitary gland.  It could be a benign tumor near her kidney, which can be removed.  Or, it could be a malignant tumor in her brain.  That, of course, is the outcome we fear the most.

But it seems like no matter what the cause of her blindness, it’s extremely unlikely that she’ll get her sight back.  Our poor baby, who was running around and playing and frisky just a few months ago, now has to be guided around so she won’t hurt herself, and guided to food that we put in her dish.

I’m heartsick thinking about it.  Hopefully, she’ll have the easiest type of Cushing’s to treat.  Hopefully, we’ll all adjust to her blindness somewhat soon.  I know she can lead a comfortable life as a blind dog.  I don’t mind being a seeing eye human.  I’m just sad for her.  Sigh.  She’s such a baby, too.

Sunday Dog Blogging

Regular readers will know that our beautiful doggie, Genevieve has been feeling poorly for awhile now. She isn’t her regular perky self, and we’ve been experimenting with different treatments to try to help her. We’ve had a ton of tests done, put her on pain meds, thyroid meds, and meds to help keep her from peeing on the floor. The thyroid seems the most likely to me, and she was on the meds for about 5 days, but we pulled her off this weekend.

Why, you may ask? Well, yesterday Ted woke up to discover dog vomit at the top of the stairs. He cleaned it up, but later I took Gen out, and she was vomiting some more. She wouldn’t eat, seemed extremely lethargic, and had really bad diarrhea. Off to the vet for Gen. The vet ran some blood tests, gave her an IV to rehydrate her, gave her a shot and some pills to help with the nausea, and sent her home, telling us that the results would be in on Monday. We couldn’t think of anything she might have eaten that would make her THAT sick, although Maya had dropped a bowl of cereal on the floor on Friday morning, and Gen might have gotten some spoiled milk by licking walls and so on. There was no glass on the floor. Quite the mystery, right? All part of the same problem that’s been plaguing her for about 2 months now, or something new? She didn’t seem well, but she seemed a bit better, so we went to Ted’s company party, the biggest party of the year around there, an hour away. A couple of hours later, Lura (Ted’s sister, who lives in our complex), came to check on her, and she was not doing well AT ALL. She was foaming at the mouth, twitching, unresponsive, having trouble breathing, all of that really scary stuff. Lura called us and said, “Come home now”, so we did, fully expecting that we might find a dead dog when we got here.

Lura said that she had turned a corner about 10 minutes before we got home, though she was still not doing well. But no more frothing, no more twitching, that sort of thing. She wasn’t vomiting any more, but we discovered a spot where she had had diarrhea the night before…behind the TV, on top of all of our fancy wiring. (No poop in this picture, don’t worry…but that’s where she did the deed, and yeah, that was NOT fun to clean up)
She also had diarrhea two more times last night, but did consent to eat a bite or two of chicken and rice. This morning, she’s feeling better, though certainly not her normal self. Not even her normal self as of late.

So this afternoon, I was in the kitchen making pasta sauce out of some tomatoes that I got from the farmers’ market, and I decided to make some lemonade. Went into the freezer to get the frozen concentrate, and saw the plastic bag of tulip bulbs, and some connections finally met together in my brain. Here are the facts, that I had neglected to share with you until now, because I hadn’t thought of them myself until much further in Gen’s illness.

  1. Thursday, I did a bit of gardening. We have containers of flowers on our front patio. I went out and bought some flowers to plant, and one of the pots I was using used to house some lovely yellow tulips. I dug up the bulbs and put them in a bag in the freezer. I remember hearing that you could freeze them and plant them again next year. Don’t know if it will work if you’ve left your bulbs in the dirt until July, but heck, it’s worth a try, right?
  2. Thursday evening, I noticed a wasp nest on our fence. Very small. 4 busy wasps starting it up. So on Friday, we moved the plants away from that area, and sprayed some wasp foam on the nest. End of that story. We put the metal plant stand in front of that area though, so I know she didn’t eat any poison.
  3. Saturday, when Gen was so sick, she just wanted to sit out front. At one point, I found a bit of tulip bulb, which I didn’t think anything of, and threw away. Later, I found the papery covering from one of them. Again, didn’t think anything about it.
  4. Back in 1944, the Nazis tried to starve the Dutch, and many people died from eating tulip bulbs.
  5. Genevieve is a piggish dog who will eat anything, including licking the floor and cabinets for random grease or whatever, and she often picks things up off of the ground and eats them before we can stop her.

So…putting these factors together in my mind, a light bulb went off that said, “I’ll bet that she ate a tulip bulb that I missed…they were small and kind of mealy from being in the ground all spring…” Crap. So I looked online, and yes indeed, tulips are toxic for dogs to eat, and she had every single symptom.

I have no proof. Didn’t see her eat a bulb. But gosh, it sure as heck looks like my lazy gardening skills and her piggish nature almost killed our sweet dog. Crap. Thank goodness Ted took her to the vet, because I kinda think that the IV they gave her, plus the water Lura was able to get her to take, probably saved her.

You will be very happy to know that she is MUCH better today, enjoying the chicken and rice I cooked for her, and the extra love. She’s not well yet, but much better. Scary weekend, huh? (I asked Gen if she wanted to write this up for you as a “Genevieve’s Corner”, but she’s not getting up for anyone.)

Updated thought…LaToya says M.J. was murdered. Anyone, besides Genevieve, think maybe he ate a tulip bulb?

Friday Dog Blogging

Genevieve's Corner

Hi Everyone, it’s Genevieve!  I have to tell you about the craptastic time I’ve had lately!  You know how Medium Boss posted a video of me running around like a puppy?  Well, that was about a month ago, and I haven’t done it since.  So the bosses are worried.  And what do they do when they worry about me?  They take me to the vet!  BAD BOSSES!  Why can’t they just give me steak and see if I feel better?  Sigh.

So they first took me to the vet for my peeing, to see if I had something wrong like an infection (?What’s that?).  Well, I could have told them that I didn’t, but they never listen to me.  So OK, no infection, but now I get a little pill hidden in a bite of chicken every morning, which they call “Magic Meat”, because it helps keep me from peeing myself accidentaly.  I’m glad about that, because I LOVE magic meat, and I do NOT like peeing on myself.

But I’m still not running around like I was just a little while ago, so they took me BACK to the vet.  NO!  They took blood from me to test my thyroid.  What’s a thyroid?  I don’t know.  Anyway, the doctor said my thyroid was lower than it used to be, but still within the normal range, whatever the heck that means.

So BACK I went to the vet, where they made me lay down on this weird thing and take X-Rays.  Weird, huh?  The vet said my spine shows some signs of pain, that might be pinching nerves.  So they’re going to give me more Magic Meat, which is supposed to be a painkiller.  What?  If they would just LISTEN TO ME, I would tell them what is wrong.

But they don’t listen, so here we are.  They’ve spent about $800 to say maybe I’m in pain, and perhaps they’ll start me on some thyroid medication if the pain killers don’t help.  I swear, they drive me crazy.  1. Don’t take me to the vet anymore!  They’re nice, but I don’t like it there!  2.  Just listen to me, and I’ll tell you what’s wrong!  Why can’t my bosses speak dog language, that’s what I want to know.  We could save a lot of time and effort, I’ll tell you that much.

I’ll keep you updated as to whether the new Magic Meat helps or not, OK?  In the meantime, listen to your doggies, OK?

Friday Dog Blogging

Genevieve's Corner

Hi Everyone, this is Genevieve! I haven’t written to you in awhile, because I’ve been busy. Busy doing what? Well, sniffing, pooping (in the house yesterday…my bad!), licking the floor, napping, eating, rubbing my face on the furniture, wondering why I can’t sleep on the bosses’ beds, sneaking up to sleep on the bosses’ beds, having a few baths (which takes away my fierce smell and leaves me smelling like sham’s poo! The humiliation!), thinking about my mommy, and taking walks.

It’s the walks I wanted to tell you about today. You see, I am a very lucky girl, and I am grateful for every day. I get a nice walk every day, and I often get two nice walks in a day. But lately, the bosses have been complaining about me, which sounds a lot like “blah blah blah blah, come ON Genevieve, keep UP Genevieve, blah blah blah blah”, which is accompanied by some tugging on the leash, which I will admit, I do not enjoy. I try to keep up, but you know what? There are a lot of things to smell on the ground! There is pee-mail to read, and information to process about raccoons and ‘possums and sometimes even deer, right there under my nose, and they want me to keep up and ignore that information. Medium Boss sometimes says, “Heel, Genevieve”, and I almost know what that means, but mostly I ignore her so I can sniff. She says she gets tired of walking with her arm twisted behind her.

You know where this is going, don’t you? Pretty soon I won’t be getting my walks, which I adore and need. And it will be blamed on me getting “old”. Hey, I’m 5! Wait, I’m 2! I was born! (J’s note: Not sure why Gen says these things. She’s 11.) Anyway, as proof that I am in NO WAY old, and that I have plenty of energy, and that I’m cute and adorable and a baby, I present to the jury this little video that Medium Boss made of me one day this week. Sorry about the shaky camera work, she says, and she hopes it doesn’t make you barf like a Pokemon movie. What?

Friday Dog Blogging

Genevieve's Corner

You wouldn’t believe the week I’m having!  Sorry, I forgot to say, “Hi Everyone, this is Genevieve”, but I was distracted by the week I’m having!  It started on Wednesday, which was a very bad day.  First off, I didn’t get any breakfast.  Medium Boss usually feeds me, but I think she forgot or something!  Then when we went for our walk, we stopped at the vet’s office!  I hate that!  Why should we stop there?  Usually when we stop there, whichever boss is with me stays in a little room.  The doctor takes me into another room and tells me what a pretty girl I am, and feels my soft fur and looks in my ears and mouth and weird things like that.  Then she brings me out, and I go back home with the boss.  I don’t like it, but it’s OK.

Not this time, though.  This time, Medium Boss brought me in, and left me there!  She walked right out the door, without me!  She looked so sad and worried, and I felt sad and worried, and I tried to tell her that if she would just bring me with her, neither one of us would have to feel sad or worried, but she was gone.  Then, they took me into a little room and made me stay there.  Did I mention I didn’t have any breakfast?  I was hungry!  Then I went into another room, and I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I felt really weird!  My eye itched, and my tummy felt all gross, and I really wanted some water and to go home!

Finally, a couple of hours later, my bosses came to pick me up.  I was so relieved to see them!  But guess what?  The doctor put a stupid plastic thing on my head, and tied it there!  And the bosses don’t seem to understand that I want them to take it off!  How dopey can you get?  Anyway, we walked home (we live really close to the vet…I wonder if we should move?), and they wouldn’t give me any food or water for a little while!  I was so sad!  I cried and cried, and finally Big Boss gave me some water, and then a little while later, I had some food.  Like maybe HALF of what I usually get, after not even having any breakfast!  But that’s OK, because my tummy felt weird (Medium Boss said it was probably the drugs they gave me to help me sleep…what?) and I wasn’t very hungry.  Then Big Boss gave me some sweet liquid in my mouth, which he said was to kill pain.  What?  Why kill?  Oh, pain.  OK.  Well, the liquid helped me feel really calm and sleepy, but then I didn’t want to eat any more.  Big Boss was feeling sorry for me, so he gave me the other half of my dinner, and I took one look at that and said, No thank you.  Anyone who knows me in person knows my tummy is feeling BAD if I don’t eat my dinner.  Here’s a picture of me on my bed after I had my medicine, ignoring my food.  See the cone?  Isn’t that humiliating!  Please bosses, don’t take me to the dog park with the cone!  The other dogs will laugh at me!

I had a hard night, and can’t really remember much.  I went outside and peed on other dogs pee, but I can’t really smell stuff with the cone on my head.  Frustrating!  Yesterday was a little bit better, though no matter how much I walked around talking to the bosses, they didn’t seem to understand that they should remove the cone. I hate the cone!  I wish my mommy were here.  She’d take the cone off for me.  Or maybe she’d take advantage of the fact that I’m slower with it on, and eat my food.  She’s doggish that way.  I love her anyway.  I don’t think I could drink milk from her boo boos with the cone on, though.  Stupid cone.  Medium Boss took this picture yesterday, to show how much better I was feeling. Better doesn’t mean good, though.  I still feel icky, and my eye itches, and the cone gets in my way so I can’t scratch!  I heard her say that I have to wear this thing for 10 days to two weeks!  Crapicola!

Send help.  Please.

Fingers Crossed…

Easter bonnet
(You can click here to get a larger version and see more of what I’m talking about.)

Gen’s going under the knife today, so keep your fingers crossed that she’ll come out fine, OK? If you look closely at this picture, you can see that she has a growth on her bottom eyelid. We call it her lump of coal, or sometimes, eye boo boo. It’s been there for awhile, but it has gotten progressively larger, to the point where her doctor suggested that we remove it. She said it’s unlikely that it’s harming her eye, but she’s worried that Gen will scratch at it more as it gets larger, and she could damage her eye whilst doing so. Besides, it has grown quite a bit in the last few months, and is much bigger than in this picture, which was taken last spring (hence the Easter bonnet).

As long as she’s under, we’re getting her teeth cleaned as well. Yay for clean teeth! That means breath that doesn’t stink for a little while. Rejoice with us.

I’ll let you know when she’s out and OK, probably later this afternoon. You know, so you can uncross your fingers.

UPDATE: Feel free to uncross…the vet’s office just called, and Gen came through great, and is waking up as we speak.  YAY!

Friday Dog Blogging

Hi Everyone!  This is Genevieve, and I thought you might like to hear about the stressful week I’ve been having!

So my Big Boss got the dopey idea this week that I might enjoy a trip to a very strange place called the ‘dog park’.  Have you heard of these places?  Scary!  What happens is, they take you in, take you off of your leash (how am I to feel secure if I’m not on my leash???  HELLO!), and then try to get you to join a wild pack of dogs that are running around like they might be insane.  What’s to like about that?  So I told him, using the best body language I could, that I did NOT like it there, and I would like to please go for a nice walk.  I mean, these dogs are crazy!  They run run run all the time, they’re really big, and they like to wrestle and fight like my dog-cousins Piper and Sam.  Well, Piper and Sam are very small dogs, and they’re both just puppies (they’re sisters!), so I can ignore them and let them fight each other.  But these dogs are full grown, and by that I mean BIG!  And scary!  I may LOOK kinda big, but I’m mostly fur, and these dogs are NOT.  They look like they might be willing to break rules, poop on my poop, that kind of thing!  And sometimes they bite!

So then Big Boss comes home and talks to Medium Boss and tells her, “Blah blah blah, Genevieve is like the kid at school that won’t play with anyone, blah blah blah, maybe she’s a loner dog, blah blah blah, is she a loser dog? blah blah blah”.  I mean, didn’t he understand my body language?  I put my tail down.  I walked away from the other dogs.  I tried to not let them sniff my butt.  I did everything I could think of!  Look at these pictures that big boss took of our THIRD DAY IN A ROW at the stupid dog park.  Look at my body language.  Could it be any clearer that I am not interested in being near these scary dogs?

Look at this.  There’s another dog in the far background of this picture, and there are many others wandering around getting all rowdy with each other, and am I interested?  No.  Just sniffing.  I love sniffing.  You smell the most interesting things!  You can tell what these other dogs have eaten!  This one ate chicken!  Not fair!

Here I am, waaaaayyyy over by the fence, about as far away from the other dogs as I can get.  I’m not scared over here.  Look at my tail.  It’s up and pom pom-ish (that’s what Medium Boss says), so I’m not scared.  This dog ate generic dog food!  That’s abuse!  Call the authorities!

Last picture.  This is me when they tell me it’s time to get the heck out of the stupid ‘dog park’ and go for a nice walk around the stinky lake.  I love the stinky lake!  It smells so interesting!  Lots of smells. Fish. Ducks.  Duck poop.  Geese.  Goose poop.  Other dogs.  Raccoons.  Possums.  I have a sensitive nose, I know what all these smells are!  I try to tell my bosses to not be in such a hurry, stop and smell the duck poop, but they don’t understand.  They both have colds and their noses are all stuffy.  Maybe that’s why they won’t stop and smell.  I feel bad for them.

Big boss didn’t take any pictures of me in the ‘little dog’ area.  It’s better!  Not so scary!  You’re supposed to be under 30 pounds, but hey, I’m only 36 lbs, and the dogs in there are MUCH nicer!  Of course, none of them wanted to play, but that’s a good thing, because playing is a stupid waste of time when you could be sniffing!  Maybe we can go back to the little dog park again someday soon!


Guest Blogger Today

Genevieve thought she might help me out with blogging today…the rules say that you have to blog every day during NaBloPoMo, but they don’t say you can’t have your dog blog for you, do they? No, they don’t. Gen has blogged over at Ted’s place before, so she thought she’d throw me a bone and come over here.

Hi! I’m Genevive! I’m a baby. I’m 5. No, wait, I’m 12. I’m 2! (J’s note: Gen talks about her age a lot. She’s really 10.) I have three bosses: Big Boss, Medium Boss, and Little Boss. Big Boss is the Biggest, and Little Boss is the smallest, and Medium Boss? Well, she’s not the biggest OR the smallest. I’m kind of confused, though, because lately, Little Boss is looking like she might be bigger than Medium Boss soon. So I wonder, will they switch? Wait, my paw itches! Let me bite it!

Here’s a sample of my regular cycle:

Morning. Get up with Medium Boss. Eat shash. (J’s note: Gen calls food shash) Sometimes, go for a walk. Other days, Medium Boss goes for a walk without me, which is just RUDE. Why the heck would someone want to go for a walk without their dog? Is she stupid? She says something that sounds like “blah blah blah, you’re too slow Genevieve, blah blah blah, heart rate, blah blah”. Does that sound right to you? NO. If I don’t go for a walk with Medium Boss, I take a short nap. Then I go with Big Boss and Little Boss to school. Then I come home. Time for a mid-morning nap.

Afternoon. I’m hungry! Big Boss and Medium Boss just say, “blah blah blah, it’s not time yet, Genevieve, go sit down Genevieve, relax Genevieve!” It’s not fair! They get to eat whenever, whatever, and however much they want to eat! Where’s the justice in that? FINALLY, they say, “It’s 2:00 Genevieve, you can have your dinner.” Then I eat. Whew. Now I can nap again. Mid-afternoon nap.

Evening. They’re eating, and I’m not. Unfair. Once in awhile, someone puts some food in my bowl, and I swallow it FAST, to keep them from snatching it away. You never know when they might change their minds! Other times, I like to lick the front of the cabinets in the kitchen. Sometimes they taste kinda yummy. I also like to lick the floor. Wait, my face itches…I’m going to rub it against the furniture. Be right back.

Later evening, WALK TIME!!! YAY!!! I love walk time. Sometimes, I get so excited about walk time that I start spinning and running up and down the walkway and digging in my favorite spots. It’s fun. Usually Big Boss takes me for a walk, and I get to sniff things and pee on the pee of other dogs. Did you know that it’s important to pee on other dogs’ pee, so they know that you’ve been there? It’s called “Pee Mail”. I write letters to my mommy. I love my mommy. She used to let me drink milk from her boo boos. I was the third one out. I was the prettiest one. Shhhh. Don’t tell big brother. Or big sister. Or little brother. Or little sister. Anyway, you have to pee on other dogs’ pee, but you MUST NOT poop on other dogs’ poop. If you do, they’ll think you’re showing off, and trying to make people think your poop is bigger than it is. That would be lying. Dogs do not lie. We lay, but we don’t lie. Sometimes in the evening, Little Boss does something to me called “T Touch”, that she learned volunteering at an animal shelter. It’s basically a little massage, and it makes me feel very relaxed and tired. I like it when she goes to the animal shelter, because she comes home smelling REALLY interesting. I keep hoping she’ll bring me with her, but they just say, “blah blah blah, you have to STAY Genevieve, blah blah blah”, and I go sit down on my bed. It’s a nice bed.

Bed time. Everyone goes to bed, and I basically shut down, hoping to survive until morning, when I can have more food. So far, I’ve been lucky. I’m thankful for every day, let me tell you that.

So, that’s my cycle. Sometimes, my cycle gets all weird, and my bosses don’t get up when they’re supposed to. I’ve learned that they do not want me to come over and wake them up. If I come over and cry because it’s getting late, and time for me to be fed, I get yelled at. Not only that, I still don’t get fed. Not worth it. The only time it’s ok to wake up the bosses is if something smells dangerous, or if I really really have to go to the bathroom.

Medium Boss tells me that the First Family Elect is looking for a puppy. I have some advice for them! First, get a rescue dog. If my bosses hadn’t rescued me when my old boss couldn’t care for me any more, who knows what would have happened! Besides, if you get a dog that’s not a puppy, you don’t have to train them to only pee and poop outside, or to stay off of the furniture (you hope). I’ve heard that they have fancy things in the White House. Secondly, regarding breed, I happen to think that a Keeshond/Sheltie mix is the way to go. We’re sweet, friendly, and funny. We smile a lot, and our tails look like pom-poms! You can’t lose!

Time to sleepy now. Bye!


Today, I plan to take a walk, eat some shash, poop, pee, sniff, nap, eat more, nap more, poop and pee more. It promises to be a very good day.

Thanks Gen, you’re a good girl. I enjoyed your post. What a baby.

Some goodish news amongst the painful crap…

Easter bonnet
There’s been so much pain lately.  Mostly the pain of missing my mom and realizing, yet again, that she’ll never give me a big ol’ hug.  That hurts a lot.

Then there’s the job search for Ted, where he finds some really promising leads, jobs that sound like a really good match, but they.just.don’t. call.  Asshats.

Then there’s the homeowners crap, which is almost enough to make me wish we lived in a little cabin out in Nebraska somewhere, rather than a condo/townhouse in the Bay Area, because the finances SUCK right now.  Did I mention that Ted’s on the board, so he has to hear about it from everyone?  Yeah, fun.

Then there’s poor Gen.  Ted told on his post today about how she’s been in a lot of pain since Sunday night.  Poor baby walks around all hunched up and crying.  So, two vet visits in two days, tests tests tests, and it looks like she has some discs compressed in her spine, probably from a fall that we weren’t here to witness.  :(   BUT, the good news is that she’s feeling better this afternoon, and they gave us pain meds and anti-inflamitories to help her through it all.  She’s going to get fat and lazy, too, because they said no exercise for two weeks.  I guess we’ll have to take turns feeding her bon bons and fanning her pretty face, huh?

Other good news, we went to a really fun concert on Sunday (also discussed on Ted’s post, so I won’t go into detail here).  Did I mention it was free?  And nice and cool in SF?  Ted told me about it Sunday morning, that it was Trip Hop, and I thought, “I don’t like Hip Hop so much, and I think I’d rather stay home and go through mom’s letters and so on”, but then he said, “No, not Hip Hop, TRIP Hop, kind of like Massive Attack and Tricky”, and I said, “Oh, OK, I’m in.”  And it was a really nice day, and a lot of fun to watch so many people get so excited about this group that I’d never heard of before.  Totally fun.

Thank goodness for free concerts and dogs who are not dying, huh?  Oh, and I’m going out for fondue with my dear friend Neva tonight.  Sunday was her birthday.  Yay, melty cheese!